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No Limits Mobile

An adaptive fitness app designed to make strength and conditioning more accessible.



No Limits Mobile is the first of its kind, adaptive exercise platform specifically designed for wheelchair users, with plans for expansion to other individuals with physical disabilities. It features strength, HIIT, and cardio workouts that were programmed by the former strength and conditioning coach for the U.S. Paralympic rugby and fencing teams, Sharon Moskowitz. Through the app, users have access to our list of 75+ exercises, all of which include a demo video of an adaptive athlete performing that specific exercise, a way to log exercises/workouts, coaching cues to focus on while performing the exercise, and links to "alternative" exercises that will work for similar muscle groups.

Ultimately, our hope is to remove barriers to a physically active lifestyle for individuals with disabilities by providing a low-cost platform that improves confidence and competence in the gym, turning motion into medicine.

📍 Pheonix, AZ

🚩 Founded: 2019

👥 Team: 2

🌎 Website: No Limits Mobile App



Benjamin Conner, PhD

I am an MD/PhD student at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix, currently in my MS3 year (class of 2024). I completed my masters in biomechanics at the University of Delaware, and my PhD in Clinical Translational Sciences at the University of Arizona, with a focus on biomechanics and neurorehabilitation, studying the use of robotic gait training to enhance neuromuscular control for individuals with cerebral palsy. I plan to pursue residency training in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, and have a strong interest in pediatric rehabilitation, neuorehabilitation, and assistive technologies.

Sharon Moskowitz, MS, Ed

I am a former Paralympic Strength and Conditioning Coach, Curriculum Writer and National Presenter for the National Exercise Trainers Association. My expertise is in adaptive strength and conditioning techniques, making gyms and training spaces more accessible, as well as practical application of testing and data in wheelchair rugby.It is part of my life’s work to amplify the voices of under-represented communities and challenge the spaces which I find myself in to look broader for unique perspectives.



1/2023 - We recently (Spring 2022) released the first version of the app on the Apple and Google Play stores (search “no limits mobile” on the Apple App Store and “nolimitsmobile” on the Google Play store), making it completely free with full access so that we could motivate as much use of the app as possible and get feedback on this first version. We plan to soon add an “introductory course” that will provide several lessons and demos on important concepts and skills for safe and effective strength and conditioning. We also have additional content that will be added, included specific evidence-based protocols for individuals with cerebral palsy. With this next version, we plan to make the “introductory course” free, with all the additional content being subscription-based.

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