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We've served 20+ residents and counting.

Switch your program
in 3 months

Navigate your program transition, discover your options, and plan the rest of your medical career with Better Resident. Our mission is to give you the freedom you deserve.

(100% money-back guarantee)

3 Easy Steps

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Get connected

Whether you're looking to explore your options, switch programs, or switch specialties, we can help  you make these transitions
with ease.

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Consultants that care

Your consultant is your personal agent. They will scour the market for potential openings and increase your odds of a successful match. They work tirelessly so you don't have to.

Easy and quick wins

With our collective expertise, we'll focus your efforts and work for your while you focus on residency. We take care of the hard part for you, prompting must-dos one step at a time. 


Get back your freedom

As soon as you join BetterResident, you will receive a dedicated coach, a team dedicated to crafting your application, quick exercises to develop your go to program strategy.


My name is Keith Sakata

Keith is a physician and entrepreneur who is on a mission to beat burnout by increasing freedom and creativity in medicine. He is the founder of a small community called The Doctors Circle. What began as a group to help residents overcome anxiety is now an incubator, connecting hundreds of creative healthcare trainees and helping them find freedom through creativity. Keith created BetterResident as a service to residents who felt trapped in their programs. He works tirelessly to give them freedom in their careers. He holds a medical degree from the University of California at San Francisco, is training in Internal Medicine at Stanford, and currently resides in SF with his partner Emma. They both enjoy the San Francisco ballet where Emma works, and going off-roading/camping in their Subaru. 


What Our Clients Say

Step 1: Strategy Call

Chat with one of our Stanford or UCSF consultants to map out your options and strategy.

30-minute consultation

Overview of the match process

Develop an initial strategy

First key exercise


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